Launching you toward freedom

We have the people, resources and opportunities to help you achieve your unique investing goals.

What We Do

Real-estate investing, personalized to your unique goals

For Equity Investors

We’ll help you build your portfolio with properties that fit your strategy and investment objectives.

For Debt Investors

Get attractive returns with customized opportunities tailored to meet your needs and risk tolerances.

How We're Different

Bowstring Co. believes opportunity lies at the intersection of people and property.
We're built to help you find it, whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started.

Trusted Team

Our back-office and field teams find the best deals and keep them on track. Communication is key to it all — you’ll never be left guessing.

Support Structure

Our network of lending, legal, insurance, property management and other services helps you execute on the details of your investing strategy.


Bowstring Co. is active in multiple niches and markets. No matter what you're trying to accomplish in real estate, we can probably help.

Recent Deals

Our formula is simple and time-tested: We buy distressed properties at a discount and force appreciation by fixing them up. Then we offer them as turn-key rentals or hold them for our own portfolio.

From Our Founder

Christian Gann

Founder and CEO

From Our Founder

The bowstring is a powerful launching mechanism. But without a supporting structure, it’s just a piece of string.

Bowstring Co. exists to provide a launching mechanism on your journey to financial independence. But unlike other real estate partners, we bring the support structure to help you succeed.